Beaded Regalia SS15


Inspired by the theme Modern Heritage.

My concept and aesthetic is  that fashion is limitless, its a blank canvas waiting to be filled. for this collection 
I wanted to iliminate the use of solidity and the conventional  construction  of  a garment and create something both Artistic and wearable...
 I am born and raised in London, England but my parents are Nigerian so I continuously find new ways to embrace both cultures. 
Nigerian culture is very Flamboyant and Opulent. we are a very expressive nation and fashion is a major way of showing that.
 So for my collection I decided to mix very traditional tribal accessesories with modern day silhouettes  by using  a strong opposition of materials such as rich Coral beads with very rough, rigid Jute Fabric  used to construct the inside of chairs. 
This contrast embodies what Modern Heritage means to me.