The reflection and judgement of oneself

The concept for the theme Unbodies (out of body experience) is the reflection of oneself. For the human soul to physically depart from one’s body and  bear judgement. I want my collection to represent the perception of oneself compared to the physical appearance of a being and what the rest of the world sees. I have looked at various artist which have previously portrayed self-reflection in their work such as Magritte, Dali, MC Escher, Picasso etc. 
For this I will use various techniques from sketches to raw 3D transformations Acetate to photography.
 My collection Represents The depiction of becoming two different people, opposites, physical appearance of self and the inner appearance, the battle and judgement between the Flesh and the Spirit:  Beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside.


Acrylic paint on Plexi-glass